Ceramics and Porcelain Room at Anthem Center

Rules of the SCA Ceramics Club

  1. A list of club members authorized to use the Ceramics room will be at the Member Services desk and in the Ceramics room. Only those members whose dues are current will be authorized.
  2. The Ceramics room is to be locked when not in use. The room is considered closed when a special, scheduled class is in session.
  3. An authorized member may exchange his SCA ID card for the room key.
  4. The member with the key is responsible for monitoring the room and locking the room when they leave. Monitoring credit will only be given on scheduled workshop days.
  5. New members are required to have been a member for one month and monitored one time before obtaining the key to work alone after workshop hours.
  6. All members using the room must sign in the attendance log and be prepared to show your SCA ID card if requested. A club membership card is also required.
  7. Do not touch a piece of ceramics unless it is yours.
  8. Each member is required to clean their table area and must put their supplies away before leaving the room.
  9. Cleaning greenware must be done at the back tables near the sinks.
  10. All paints, glazes and miscellaneous supplies in the back cabinets belong to the club and may be used by the members, but not removed from the room.
  11. Cabinets/lockers (when available) may be rented for $2 per year and must be shared by another member. A key for the cabinet will be a $2 fee, which is refundable.
  12. Items to be fired are to be measured on the existing chart to determine the firing fee. If a member pays for 2 firings and more firings are required, no additional fee will be needed. Save your receipt, as it is necessary to fire your piece. Items are to be measured as they would sit on a table. A set fee for groupings, such as a nativity set, will be established before firing.
  13. Do not enter the kiln room unless you are certified to do firings.
  14. All members must monitor a minimum of five (5) times per year.
  15. Dues are $15 for 12 months from date of joining.


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