Library/Reading Room at Independence Center
  1. The Library collection is maintained by the SCA Book Club for the purpose of providing residents easy access to books for leisure reading. The library’s books have been donated by Sun City Anthem residents.
  2. SCA residents may borrow books to take home for reading. There is no checking out or in; the library operates on an honor system. Residents are responsible for returning borrowed books to the library shelves
  3. Books are shelved in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names. Small paperback books are located in the southeast section of the library, and hardback books and large paperbacks are located in the northern section of the library.
  4. When books are returned to the SCA library, they are to be placed in the appropriate sections in alphabetical order by the authors’ last name.
  5. Contributions are welcome. Books should be in good condition and of general and current interest. The library is not large enough to house textbooks, Reader’s Digest condensed volumes, or reference/how-to books other than dictionaries. Books should be placed in the basket located in the library.
  6. Book club members empty the basket and shelve the books. They also shelve books left on the tables or donations brought in boxes or bags.
  7. Book club members shelve each paperback or hardback book alphabetically by the first letter of the author’s last name.
  8. Book club members shelve trade paperbacks with hardbacks. Trade paperbacks are larger and more expensive than mass-market paperbacks.
  9. Book club members straighten shelves and re-file books on shelves as necessary. New donations may be found at the ends of shelves.
  10. Book club members stamp new contributions. The stamps “Return to Sun City Anthem Library” are in the blue box on the desk. Stamp books inside and one top and/or bottom when closed. See previously stamped books for guidance.
  11. Book club members label new paperback contributions with the initial of the author’s last name. Supplies are in the blue box on the desk. Using a black magic marker, print the first letter of the author’s last name on the small white label at the bottom of the spine. See previously labeled paperbacks.
  12. Book club members discard torn and soiled materials and pick up paper scraps.
  13. Book club members initial the Book Club Volunteers list when finished.


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